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We – a partnership of Belgian, Dutch, British and Macedonian cultural organisations – joined forces to address this socio-cultural challenge. In a two-year programme co-funded by Creative Europe, we will recruit and travel with an international network of young creatives. In each of our four cities (Bruges, Rotterdam, Brighton and Skopje), the creatives will artistically work on challenges formulated by each guest city. In everything we do, we keep our goal in mind: to break down barriers that hinder certain groups of people to participate in current arts and cultural initiatives. We seek to co-create and set up a structural exchange with these under-represented groups of young people.

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Brighton Fabrica


Skopje Public Room 11-14 November 2019


Rotterdam MaMA 11 – 13 October 2019

Workshop  – The arc de memoires, by Yorbi Gutierrez
The Arc de Triomphe and similar structures were built as memorial in which important local events were documented and honoured as memories by text and images.
The object of this workshop is to experiment with different forms in which memories of post-war rebuilding can be visually expressed. For this theme the participant will focus on memories based in the places where they come from.

We start firstly by (co)describing a general situation where exclusion and/or inclusion during the post-war rebuilding are the main themes and that everybody could relate to on a personal level. Based on what feelings and memories this description stirs up – everybody is going to create a physical manifestation by firstly coming up with concepts, using whichever discipline the participants feel comfortable with.

During the second day, the participants will be using wood and the different tools in a workshop to create a physical structure – based on their concepts.

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Bruges  Entrepot 6-8 April 2019

The theme of the workshop;
Is there place for young creatives? How can smaller cities that have big artistic neighbouring cities (Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, …) be places that are artistically relevant, contemporary, young, vibrant?

In this workshop we discussed about this problem and created a big mindmap. From that we created something specific. We thought of a portable space with multi functional purpose. Because there isn’t a lot of space in the centre of Bruges where young creatives can experiment and create.
With this solution young people may have a change of showing their artistic talent or artwork in the centre where they can me more visable.
This ‘Space Invader’ is a temporary, portable pavilion with a stage and roof like a tent. So during summer you can remove the roof if needed. It should be light and easy to carry, so it can be set-up anywhere.

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Improvisatie Performance – BIES & The Liquid Wall,de Basis, Sint-Kruis, 2019
The Liquid Wall vormt de setting voor een nieuwe voorstelling van BIES (Brugse ImprovisatiesSpelers) waarbij het zal fungeren als interactief paviljoen tussen het publiek en de improvisatiespelers. Het paviljoen heeft een kruisvormig plan met een opening in het midden die zo 4 kamers afbakent. 4 Kunstenaars gaan ter plaatse aan de slag met input van het publiek om een invulling voor elke kamer te tekenen. Hierbij worden ze live begeleid door 4 muzikanten die aan de hand van improvisatie tot een samenspel komen. Wanneer de tekeningen af zijn, starten de improvisatiespelers met hun voorstelling waarbij ze vertrekken van alles wat ze getekend zien staan op de wanden van de kamers. Hiermee hopen we een nieuwe en boeiende voorstelling neer te zetten waarbij alles rond improvisatie en cocreatie draait.
Artist; Frieke Verlé, Leen Vandorpe, Florien Allemeersch & Simon Franssens
Pictures; Jason Slabbynck

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Commission work mural, L.T.V.S, Sluis, Netherlands in collaboration with Jan-Willem Vandenberghe. 2018

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International Postcard Show 2018

Surface Gallery, Nottingham, U.K
Artworks in any medium, but must fit the postcard-sized specifications of 4×6 inches (10.5x15cm) with a maximum depth of 5mm. If postcards remain unsold, all participants have the opportunity to exchange their postcard with another artist, who will be randomly selected at the end of the exhibition. See my entrie below;

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Drawing Days – Window Walk

Drawing days is a day in the city Ghent with events and workshops about drawing.
I joined the project to draw on a window display. The drawing was based on a line from a poem of Peter Verhelst. I got the line;
“Een ambigue wolk” or “A ambigue cloud”. See below for the results.

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